Future Releases


The Arkham Gazette

Currently we are working on a pair of issues about Kingsport; the first is expected sometime in the Fall of 2020:


The Dare


 A stand-alone scenario in which you play children trapped in a haunted house on Halloween Night. Uses a streamlined version of the Call of Cthulhu Rules and comes with 10 pre-generated kid-investigators.

Expected summer 2020

Miskatonic Country Scenarios: A Keeper’s Guide

A Keeper’s resource, offering notes about all 70 scenarios set in Miskatonic Country and published by Chaosium or its licensees. Expected Summer 2020.

12 thoughts on “Future Releases

  1. bwgustaf says:

    Alchemy. I’m running an university based Alchemy-centeric game and would love to include some more historical alchemy in the game.

    • We’ve got an article about New England’s alchemists, expanding off of some posts on the site, ready for a future issue of the Arkham Gazette. I’m not sure we can do a whole issue on alchemy, but I hope that might be of interest.

  2. bwgustaf says:

    New England Museums & Curio Shops. Could you maybe do an issue on either of those? I also have an interest in haunted houses and abandoned theme parks.

  3. Bryan Gustafson says:

    Are you doing an entry on Appalachia during your Dunwich issue? If not could you do a separate issue on the Kentucky Appalachians? I’m​ running a campaign there.

    • While there is some cultural similarity, I am afraid I don’t have the scope to cover the Apalachians in the Arkham Gazette. I’m sure there is a lot to draw from – Manly Wade Wellman comes to mind – and a rich folkloric tradition to boot.

      Please tell us more about your campaign. What’s the era? What is your inspiration?

      • bwgustaf says:

        People traveling west from the 13 colonies and finding new land. An active look at the Native Exclusion Acts (I.E. The Trail of Tears) with Mountaintop Mythos as the background. It’s paired with a 1930’s campaign by Chris Spivy who does Harlem Unbound (which is basically Segregation + The Mythos) and the idea is that both Eras are connected by Time Travel rules from Trail of Cthulhu’s Time Travel Hack.

      • bwgustaf says:

        More Specifically Miskatonic Era. The University has the grimorie that they use to time travel.

  4. bwgustaf says:

    The Harlem Unbound era is during the Great Migration. I was looking for abandoned theme parks tied to the World’s Fair through African American Art Displays since some World Fairs in the US had dignified portraits of African Americans that where attempting to counter those made as racial caricatures. I was trying to come up with the a hook that connected the World Fair’s imagery with the African American’s past experiences and the history of the attempts to pass laws and curb freedoms of the Wampanoag, Abenaki, etc.

  5. Michael McNichols says:

    Any word on when issue 4 will be available? Have picked up PDFs of The Dare and A Keeper’s Guide already.

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