What is “Miskatonic Country”?

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(as per Wikipedia, based on Chaosium’s earlier map)

Miskatonic Country (previously called “Lovecraft County” but not connected to the television series of the same name) is the designation for that fictional section of Massachusetts (and points beyond) invented by H.P. Lovecraft and expanded upon by the many writers who followed after him and shared in his “Yog-Sothothery”. Including the towns of Arkham, Kingsport, Dunwich, and Innsmouth, Lovecraft Country was codified in a series of role-playing source books by Chaosium in the early 1990s, creating and has been the setting for more than 100 published scenarios (and countless more home games).

Sentinel Hill Press is an unabashed fan of this setting for the game and support it with several products – our journal of Miskatonic Country The Arkham Gazette and our reference work Miskatonic Country Scenarios: A Keeper’s Guide.

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