The Arkham Gazette:

Issue 0 – The Aylesbury Pike


  • New place: The Amos-Goodrich Cemetery
  • New England’s Highways, an introduction
  • A History of the Aylesbury Pike
  • New person: Curtis Sloan, “Encyclopedia Salesman”
  • A Guide to New England’s Petroglyphs and those found in Lovecraft Country
  • A short encounter – Mr. Picket Goes a Huntin’
  • A scenario seed – The Phantom of the Aylesbury Pike
  • SCENARIO: “The Chapochaug Tunnel Haunting”
  • An annotated list of scenarios set on or near (or are otherwise connected to) the Aylesbury Pike.


Reviews from R’lyeh: “[T]he highlight of this inaugural issue  is of course the scenario, ‘The Chapochaug Tunnel Haunting’, but ‘Mr. Pickett Goes a Huntin’’ is also good… a nicely written guide to the byways of Lovecraft Country.”

Reckoning of the Dead: “[I]f your investigators will ever travel between Aylesbury and Arkham, do yourself a favor and pick up this issue.

Issue 1 – Arkham


  • A guide to useful locations in Arkham from published scenarios
  • The Gladding School – an institution for mentally impaired children and other ‘undesirables’
  • An in-depth look at Thaumaturgical Prodigies in the New-English Canaan
  • A Encounter on West Armitage Street – a scene you can insert into a scenario
  • Arkham’s Boundary Markers, a historical New England oddity
  • The Case of the Missing Manhole Covers – a scenario seed
  • Reports of Delusions of an Invisible Monster – a prop document
  • Arkham’s Diners, a guide to a distinctively New England style of eatery
  • Arkham’s Curios, odd items, mysterious and malign, to use in your games
  • Scenario – “The Bosworth House”, wherein madness creeps just beneath the surface
  • Annotated list of the more than 50 Arkham-set Scenarios


Rolling Boxcars: “I thoroughly enjoyed reading this magazine. Everyone’s mileage may vary with the usefulness of the articles to them personally, but they were fun to read and most were thought provoking… I think you will enjoy this as much as I did. I would recommend you take a chance on this magazine.”

Reckoning of the Dead: “Arkham Gazette #1 accomplishes its goal of offering Keepers and authors, potential or experienced, more information about Arkham. As an author’s resource guide, it’s a necessity, and its bibliographic information is essential to those intending to add to Arkham’s fiction. As a Keeper’s assistant, it adds an additional layer to the already detailed town presented in H.P. Lovecraft’s Arkham

Issue 2 – Innsmouth


  • Shadows of Polynesia: Obed Marsh and his crew brought many things back from that island east of Tahiti…
  • Locations in Greater Innsmouth: Three new locations for Innsmouth.
  • The Wreck of the Elizabeth Wright: A new location outside of Innsmouth with connection to the town.
  • Innsmouth’s Burying Grounds: A deep examination of the many cemeteries in and near Innsmouth.
  • On the name “Dagon”: Where did this me come from?  Why did Obed Marsh use t?  What does that imply?
  • “The marine abyss beyond Devil Reef”: Bathography versus Lovecraft!
  • Edward Morse: A real-world scholar who might be of interest to your investigators.
  • The Isle of Shoals and Other Innsmouth Inspiration: Real-world places that have some parallel to Innsmouth – the Isles of Shoals, Matinicus Island and the Malaga Island community.
  • The Sacred Cod: Why is there a carved fish idol in the Massachusetts State House?
  • The Hymnal of the Esoteric Order of Dagon: A new tome extoling the greatest of Innsmouth’s new faith.
  • The Ponape Scripture: An in-depth exporation of this tome of occult oceanic lore created by Lin Carter.
  • The Feejee Mermaid: P.T. Barnum’s dubious mummified “mermaid”; real-world history and occult (and Mythos) options.
  • Innsmouth Curios: 8 Weird artifacts investigators can discover.
  • Innsmouth Gold: All about Innsmouth’s most notable export.
  • Cancelled Innsmouth Books: A discussion of two cancelled books Chaosium was once planning related to Innsmouth – the Innsmouth Horror and Children of the Deep.
  • A Guide to Newburyport: An extended description of the town that inspired Innsmouth and how you can use it in your Lovecraft Country games.
  • “Drawn from the Water”: A Kingsport artist has gone missing and the investigators must follow his trail.  Dark secrets lurk in the waters just off shore…
  • Annotated list of Innsmouth scenarios: Notes for the Keeper on all 14 of the Innsmouth-connected scenarios that we can locate in Lovecraft Country as well as a list of every Deep One scenario we can find


Rolling Boxcars: “If you’re looking to add a little more depth to your Lovecraft Country game or just looking for inspiration for your next game, The Arkham Gazette is a magazine to have in your Call of Cthulhu toolbox. Issue 2, specifically, is well written and very well produced… an all-around valuable asset for Keepers and Players alike. in any Call of the Cthulhu toolbox.”

Issue 3 – Witches and Witchcraft


  • New England’s real witch trials
  • Witches in Lovecraft Country
  • Keeper’s advice for making witch NPCs
  • The (Mythos) Gods of the Witches
  • Rat-things and other Familiars
  • Witch Marks
  • Colonial Folk Magic
  • The Dried Cat – a scenario seed
  • Of Evill Sorceries Done in New-England by Demons of No Humane Shape
  • ‘Touched by the Fairies’ – the link between witches and ghouls
  • New place – Witches’ Hollow
  • “The Queen of Night”, a campaignlette/mega scenario of witchcraft, murder, and personal terror
  • A bibliography of witch scenarios for Call of Cthulhu


Reviews from R’lyeh: “The Arkham Gazette #3 is as definitive a treatment and exploration of witches and witchcraft as there is—and there needs to be—for both Lovecraft Country and Call of Cthulhu.”

the Gaming Gang: “An excellent magazine devoted to Call of Cthulhu… loads of useful information and the adventure contained within is well worth the purchase price alone.”

Issue 4 – Kingsport: Dreams



The Dare

The Dare is a one-shot scenario for Call of Cthulhu® 7th Edition, intended for four or more players. Expanded and revised from Kevin Ross classic scenario from 1990, this scenario has been fully updated for even greater horror. Long out of print, this scenario is once more available to terrify players

This product includes:

  • A full-length scenario, inspired by 80s horror movies wherein pre-teens do battle with an undying monster and its house of horrors.
  • Extensive advice for Keepers on how to bring the horrors of the Barnaker house to life.
  • Detailed floor plans of the Barnaker house.
  • ‘The Call of Kid-thulhu’ rules, a streamlined version of the traditional Call of Cthulhu rules and ideal for introducing new players to the game.
  • “Grab the Machete!” — a suggested viewing list of 80s horror films (written by Brian Sammons), perfect for inspiring Keepers and players alike.
  • A set of 10 pre-generated kid-investigators, complete with more than 20 portraits, allowing players to customize their characters, complete with super-1980s style character sheets.


Seth Skorkowsky: “I really like this scenario. It’s a fresh kind of Call of Cthulhu scenario that really leans in and feels like an 80s horror movie.”

Reviews from R’lyeh: “The Dare is a superb one-shot, one that manages the odd combination of being both nasty and charming, all infused with eighties nostalgia, from start to finish.

Never Read the Latin: “The Dare… offers up a fun and terrifying 1980s horror vibe that’s great for experienced and new players alike.

8 thoughts on “Publications

  1. skree99 says:

    Were can I get Issues 1 & 2 at ?

    • Issues 1 and 2 are currently not available from Sentinel Hill Press. They are being relaid out to bring them into the same style as issue 3 plus some minor corrections and updating. I will let people know as soon as they’re ready. If you can’t wait I believe an older version of issue 1 was put on… But I hope you’ll buy them when they are rereleased. 🙂

  2. Erik Brickman says:

    OK! Thanks for the info. Can one, as a future buyer get some sort of heads up when #2 is re-released? Thanks //Erik.

  3. Cedric Beidatsch says:

    Hi there; Respectfully – any news in Issue #2?

  4. Erik says:

    So, issue 2 have finally arrived, and has been altered to look like the others!? Nice! But what happened to the possibility of buying it in physical print? I have the others printed, and are not interested in just a PDF. Regards, Erik B.

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