The Arkham Gazette (links to purchase)
Issue 0 – The Aylesbury Pike
Issue 1 – Arkham
Issue 2 – Innsmouth
Issue 3 – Witches and Witchcraft

The Graveyards of Lovecraft Country (Preview)

October-ganza Files

  • The Graveyard Rats (Includes the text of the Kuttner story, as well as notes on Salem’s graveyards and the curious being encountered in the tale).
  • Lovecraft Country Scenario Index (2.0) (A pdf table of every Lovecraft Country-set scenario I can locate)
  • Rhoda Prentiss (My take on a character from Derleth’s “The Shadow in the Attic”, presented with statistic for Call of Cthulhu.)
  • Fairies’ and Witches (An excerpt from The Witch Cult in Western Europe, presenting Dr. Murray’s thesis that fairy legends had some basis in fact and preserved evidence of the survival of some pre-human species, a thesis I think strongly informed Lovecraft’s concept of the ‘ghoul’.)
  • Ye Ancient Burying Grounds of Boston (An article from New England Magazine from 1892 all about Boston’s many graveyards, with illustrations.)

Other Downloads
Notes on the Turner Codex – something I wrote for Miskatonic River press as a tribute to the late Keith “Doc” Herber

3 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Interesting first issue Bret. Would love to see more.

  2. Mike says:

    I really enjoyed reading the prototype gazette. I hope you’ll continue writing more issues!

  3. […] W sierpniu tego roku działalność rozpoczęło Sentinel Hill Press, które zajmuje się wydawaniem internetowego magazynu zatytułowanego Arkham Gazette. Periodyk jest poświęcony fikcyjnym miejscom znanym z prozy Lovecraft, które określa się mianem Lovecraft Country i . Do tej pory ukazały się dwa numery, w których znajdziemy między innymi opisy miejsc, osób, informacje historyczne i scenariusze do wykorzystania na sesjach Call of Cthulhu. Arkham Gazette można pobrać za darmo tutaj. […]

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