Arkham Gazette 4 – Kingsport: Dreams – now available

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December 17, 2021 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

Many years in the making – and just in time for Festival – issue 4 of the Arkham Gazette is now available on DriveThruRPG.

Welcome to Kingsport! Our long-promised fourth full issue, which we have dubbed “Kingsport: Dreams” has arrived at last. Within these pages we explore some of the mysteries of this fog-draped sleepy village of legend. From the wave-lapped rocks of Pilot Island, to the barnacle-crusted pilings of the dockside, through the crooked lanes and alleys, and spiraling up to the summit of Kingsport Head, Kingsport beckons you.

This issue includes the following thirteen articles:

  • Locations in Greater Kingsport:New places to explore in Kingsport, drawn from earlier scenarios and the minds of our writers.
  • Hooper’s Pond and the Old Brick Powderhouse: Two strange spots west of Kingsport, where odd things have been seen.
  • The Hall School: Only girls from the finest families in the Miskatonic Valley attend this boarding school, like noted alumna Miss Asenath Waite…
  • Neil’s Curiosity Shop and Other Oddities: The collection (and collector) of Kingsport’s strangest tourist attraction is examined.
  • Kingsport Curios: Seven strange artifacts one might find in Kingsport, from a ship in a bottle to a collection of prothetic hands.
  • 13 Kingsport Ghosts: An extended prop document, exploring the many ghost stories of Kingsport, with more scenario hooks than you can shake a harpoon at.
  • Alton Blackington: A historical journalist, photographer, and storyteller, presented as an NPC for your game.
  • Franklin Waite Price: A fictional folk-artist whose favorite subject is Kingsport’s past, descibed as an NPC.
  • De Vermiis Mysteris: A deep-dive into Robert Bloch’s most famed Cthulhu Mythos creation, the nightmarish tome written by the wizard Ludwig Prinn.
  • Visions from Yaddith: An unearthly book of poems, as created by Lin Carter, that laments the doom of an alien world.
  • Dr. Goddard’s Rocket Test: Modern science is coming to Kingsport; this scene allows your investigators to play a role in the famed researcher’s latest attempts in rocketry.
  • Bones of Contention: A scenario of secrets long buried, from the mind of the author of Kingsport: the City in the Mists, himself Kevin Ross.
  • A Kingsport Bibliography: For Keepers who want to explore the stories behind the setting; an annotated list of every Cthulhu Mythos story that includes Kingsport and what details (if any) it provides about the town.

120 pages in PDF for $14.99. Print on Demand will soon follow.

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