The Sentinel Hill Press-cast

In November of 2015 we released the first episode of our new (hopefully monthly) podcast – the Sentinel Hill Press-cast.

Once we have 3 regular episodes, I will have the podcast added to the usual Podcast sources for easier download.  Links in the episode name is to the full show notes, including a link to the episode itself.


  • Episode 1 (November 2015) – An introduction to the podcast, a witch-summoning charm from Vermont, news from Sentinel Hill Press including an overview of issue #3 of the Arkham Gazette, an interview with Chris Huth (writing, art, layout), &  the tale of the Bristol (CT) ghost light.
  • Episode B (April 2016) – Mermaids (of all kinds) of New England, Sentinel Hill Press news (including Arkham Gazette #0, Kickstarter update, a recall for submissions for AG #4, and more),  & a discussion of H.P. Lovecraft’s “A Picture in the House”.


Here are Patreon-backer only episodes:

  • The Horror Guide to Massachusetts by David and Scott Goudsward; Handkerchief Moody: the Diary and the Man by P.M. Woodwell
  • Some Thoughts on “Wentworth’s Day” and about our Derleth Country series
  • The New Hampshire Book of the Dead by Roxie Zwicker
  • Stranger Stop and Cast an Eye: A Guide to Gravestones and Gravestone Rubbings by G. Walker Jacobs


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