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Tragically telegrams are no longer available, forcing us to rely upon less genteel methods of communication.


5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. mythinkbooks says:

    Just sent an email querying about a book review. You have a fantastic thing here & we look forward to each new issue. Is there a social media presence for the Gazette?

    • Thanks. If you want to submit reviews, the Gazette does not include them. If you want to write a review of the Gazette, feel free and pass along a link if you would please. The Gazette has a a Google Plus page; see the Contact Us page for a link.

  2. Erik Brickman says:

    Hello! Is there a possibility to get a signal from you when the re-release of issue #2 of the Arkham Gazette is up for sale? I live in Sweden, so am not as often here looking as I’d like.

  3. Steven Noble says:

    Is issue 4 finished and if so where can I but it?

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