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August 11, 2013 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

It has been one week since the Gazette was released into the wild and I am very pleased at the results.  We had about 400 downloads of the Gazette, resulting in several dozen emails to me and four submissions for our next issue.  While I expect things to continue to slow now that most people who want to read the Gazette have had a chance, I hope that our readers (yes, you too) consider making a submission to our next issue.  I’d love to have enough submissions to put something out the door in short order.  Please have a look at the submission guidelines and my call for articles for Issue 1: Arkham.  Remember that we are offering a subscription to the Unspeakable Oath for my favorite submission by an unpublished offer.  I hope to announce some new treats for authors soon.

I want to thank everyone for their emails, comments, and submissions.  I appreciate the kind words and the interest.  I am working on some minor text corrections and hopefully some replacement maps; I’ll obviously make an announcement here once it is ready.

I have two other writing project I plan to release here in the coming weeks.  The one I can talk about is The Keeper’s Guide to Lovecraft Country Publication, a document for the Keeper cataloging the various books that have been released over the years, with an eye to current availability, what topics are covered in each book and in which scenarios, and how to link together separate scenarios into a campaign.

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