Our first book – The Graveyards of Providence


August 24, 2013 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

Graveyards of Providence

Graveyards of Providence

In celebration of this weekend’s NecronomiCon, I’ve put together a small pamphlet about Providence’s graveyards.

From the introduction:

This is not a wholly typical guidebook, intended for laymen, but rather it was written expressly for visitors to Providence who are (or were) attending NecronomiCon Providence 2013. Indeed, this guide is written to both provide information about Providence’s burial sites and give information about these sites as they relate to H.P. Lovecraft, author and son of Providence.  Additionally I have focused on older stones and historical curiosities, as attendees at a Lovecraft convention “haunt strange, far places”, yes?

Coming in at 54 pages, the guide provides basic information about gravestone and Providence’s history, as well as descriptions of each of Providence’s surviving burial grounds, as well as its lost and forgotten graveyards, its exhumed burials spot, and tips on how to identify the major gravestone carvers present in Providence.  They will be available at the Miskatonic River Press table (on the 18th floor of the Biltmore) and probably from me personally.

Assuming I have any left on hand after NecronomiCon, I’ll post an announcement here and make the remainder available to the general public.

One thought on “Our first book – The Graveyards of Providence

  1. […] attendance at NecronomiCon in Providence tomorrow and Sunday.  I’ll be running some games, selling copies of my new booklet, shooting the breeze, and generally have a good time (hopefully, I might end up eaten by a gug, but […]

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