Help needed with annotated list of Arkham scenarios

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September 3, 2013 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

I’m working on an annotated list of scenarios set in Arkham for the first regular issue of the Arkham Gazette.  Unfortunately even I do not have a copy of every single Arkham scenario and I was wondering if anyone in the wider YSDC community might be willing to help me fill in my gaps.

Here is the information I need for each scenario:

Author’s name
Summary of the scenario (2-3 sentences)
Locations visited (cities / large areas only, not every building)
Entities (what opponents do investigators face?)
Tomes (what tomes might be recovered?)
Notes (everything else- is it linked to another scenario? do a very good or bad job at some element?)

Here are the scenarios (with source books) that I do not have access to:

Alone Against the Dark (a solo scenario book, portions are set in Arkham)

The Arkham Evil (a very early TOME scenario from a book of the same name)

The Books of Uncle Silas (from the most recent edition of Arkham sourcebook)

Halloween Nuit (Plan 09 from Halloween; monograph)

Hope (Halloween Horror returns; monograph)

Pursuit to Kadath (another TOME scenario from a book of the same name)

The Thing at the Threshold (from the short campaign of the same name)

Post info here or email me at (This request has also been posted to

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