Arkham Gazette update 9/25 and Arkham scenario list


September 25, 2013 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

I wanted to share some news about the status of the Arkham Gazette…


The status is good.  I have a good number of submissions, the majority of which I actually have drafts of, including an encounter/new NPC, two tome discussions, a new location, a historical piece, and two scenarios.  I’m in the midst of editing one of the scenarios currently, necessitating a close read of Miskatonic University.

I am also working on an annotated scenario list of all the scenario at least in some part set in Arkham – with an excellent assist by Dean Englehardt.  While I’m still adding details to the list, I’m hoping I’ve at least caught all the scenarios (so… many… monographs…)  While I’m posting this list to, I thought I’d post it here first.  Give it a look and let me know if I’ve missed any…

  1. Alone Against the Dark – Alone Against the Dark
  2. And the Dogs Shall Know You – The Arkham Evil
  3. Behold the Mother – Dead Reckonings
  4. The Benighted – The Thing at the Doorstep
  5. Blackwater Creek – Missed Dues and Other Adventures
  6. Bless the Beasts and Children – Adventures in Arkham Country
  7. The Books of Uncle Silas – HPL’s Arkham
  8. The Condemned – Arkham Unveiled
  9. Consumption – The Island of Ignorance
  10. Curse of Anubis – The Taint of Madness
  11. Dark Rivals – Dead Reckonings
  12. Darkness Illuminated – The Island of Ignorance
  13. Dead of Night – Arkham Unveiled
  14. Dead Leaves Fall – Dead Leaves Fall (m)
  15. Death of a Sea Captain – Beyond the Mountains of Madness
  16. The Devourer – Lurking Fears
  17. The Dig – Terrors from Beyond
  18. The Edge of Darkness – CoC rulebook, 5th Ed and on
  19. Faculty Party – Plan 09 from Halloween (m)
  20. Fade to Grey – Tales of the Miskatonic Valley
  21. Fear in a Bottle – Dead Leaves Fall (m)
  22. Freakshow – Tales of the Miskatonic Valley
  23. Gate from the Past – The Asylum and Other Tales
  24. Halloween Nuit – Plan 09 from Halloween (m)
  25. The Hands of a Living God – The Unspeakable Oath #13
  26. The Hills Rise Wild – Arkham Unveiled
  27. Hope – Halloween Horror Returns (m)
  28. The Hopeful – More Adventures in Arkham Country
  29. The Inheritor – The Thing at the Threshold
  30. A Little Knowledge – Arkham Unveiled
  31. The Little People – Keeper’s Kit
  32. The Lost Temple of Yig – d20 Keeper’s Screen
  33. Mary – Before the Fall
  34. Missed Dues – Missed Dues and Other Adventures (m)
  35. Must the Show Go On? – Plan 09 from Halloween (m)
  36. New York City – Masks of Nyarlathotep
  37. A Painted Smile – Tales of Miskatonic Valley
  38. A Pale God – The Great Old Ones
  39. The Plantation – Mansions of Madness
  40. Pursuit to Kadath – Pursuit to Kadath
  41. The Reeling Midnight – New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley
  42. The Regiment of Dread – Tales of the Miskatonic Valley
  43. The Return of the Magician – Plan 09 from Halloween (m)
  44. Season of the Witch – The Dreamlands
  45. Senior Project – Ramblings of a Twisted Muse (m)
  46. Spare the Rod – More Adventures in Arkham Country
  47. Time and the Serpent – Dwellers in Shadow
  48. The Trail of Tsathoggua – The Trail of Tsathoggua
  49. Trail of Yig – Tales of the Miskatonic Valley
  50. Wasted Youth – New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley
  51. We Have Met the Enemy – Out of the Vault, vol. 3
  52. What Goes Around – The Unbound Book, vol. 1
  53. Whispers from the Abyss – Whispers from the Abyss
  54. Whispers Out of Mind – The Dwellers in Shadow
  55. With Malice Aforethought – Adventures in Arkham Country

There are also scenarios set outside the ‘Classic’ era:

  • City Under the Sea (Modern)
  • The Devil’s Children (1690s and Modern)
  • Enter the Gaijin (Modern)
  • Fellowship of the Witching Hour (1940s)
  • I Did What the Virgin Asked (Modern)
  • The Last Trial (1730s)
  • Lethal Legacy (Modern)
  • The Lock-in – Dead Leaves Fall (m)
  • Lonely Hearts (Taste Great) (Modern)
  • Lost in a Book (Modern)
  • Reborn to Die (Modern)
  • A Resection of Time (Modern)

2 thoughts on “Arkham Gazette update 9/25 and Arkham scenario list

  1. Hello!

    Did you sell the “Taint of Madness” supplement? Otherwise, I’d like to buy it from you. Please reply to my email:

    Regards, Erik B.

  2. That was a list of Arkham-set scenarios, not a sales listing. . ;). Sorry!

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