Arkham’s monsters


October 29, 2013 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

We’re nearly there on issue #1.  Here’s a word cloud of all the entities I’ve listed in Arkham scenarios:

Arkham monsters

It didn’t keep multi-part names together (‘Deep’ and ‘Ones’) but you get the gist. Let us just say that some creatures are a little overrepresented.

3 thoughts on “Arkham’s monsters

  1. Ben Wenham says:

    Wow, shoggoths are over represented for something that the mad Arab denied existed on earth.

  2. Indeed. Ideally future writers might keep this list in mind and avoid some of the more over-exposed creatures cough *ghouls* cough *deep ones* cough cough

  3. Ben Wenham says:

    Yes, the rat-things time has come at last!!!

    Dimensional shamblers also look under served 😀

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