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November 12, 2013 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

Now that our most recent fledgeling issue has been shoved forcefully from the nest, it is probably time I begin plotting our next issue.

My ultimate goal for the Arkham Gazette is to keep the rich setting of Lovecraft Country – drawn from the works of Lovecraft and those writers who came after and shaped into a rolelplaying game setting by Keith Herber and his crew of writers – vital.  As much as I would like to assume that my interests and tastes reflect the wider world, i suspect this may not be the case.

Therefore, I want to throw open the creative process here at the Gazette and solicit the magazine’s readership for ideas about where we should next direct our energies.  I want to hear from you about what topics you’d like to see the Gazette cover, either as individual articles or as the theme for a whole issue.  In a few weeks, I’ll distill your suggestions down into a poll so we can further winnow things down

I look forward to your comments!

4 thoughts on “Next stop?

  1. Ben Wenham says:

    I’m pretty open to any subject, though I will admit that I have something of a preference for retaining the focus on Lovecraft country, rather than professions.

    I think there is an argument for doing Innsmouth next. While fishmen have been done to death, I think that the gazette could do something very interesting by providing a set of articles and a scenario which to some degree subvert expectations about the town. On a personal note, it is also the location in Lovecraft country I know best, so I’d have a bit more time to read up on kingsport, dunwich, and the other smaller locations in the area. 😉

    If we are going to do an issue on professions, then I think it should be tied into one of the towns. With that in mind, i’d suggest looking at academia and the miskatonic university. Or perhaps the Kingsport antiquing scene and antiquarians 😉

    If it is a non-town location, then I suggest the miskatonic valleys rail way services. It is pretty clear that the roads aren’t up to much, so it might be a good idea to deal with trains

  2. Graeme says:

    I’d like to see more on the close environs of Arkham. Perhaps something on the graveyards of Arkham… (and you’d be the man to do it). I believe they have something called a “Potter’s Field” that could be described a little.

    Personally, I’d like a more thoughtful treatment of Miskatonic University that is less tongue in cheek than some of the previous versions and doesn’t involve a complex network of tunnels under the place – but I might be alone in that.

    Thinking about it, someone ought to write something on the great typhoid epidemic of 1903. It would have to be someone who knew his stuff about infectious diseases and could be convinced to do it. But who?

  3. I’ll respond to the suggestions in one post-
    Ben: Innsmouth’s tempting since, as much as I love ‘Escape from Innsmouth’, once you pull the trigger on discovering the Deep Ones there, the book doesn’t leave much to do there. As for a piece on professions, I agree that we should focus on something with a strong connection to the setting – librarians and libraries for example.

    Alex: Thanks!

    Graeme: I am actually (slowly) working on a guide to Lovecraft Country’s graveyards, including Arkham’s Potter’s Field. Help is welcome.

    A full redo of Misk. U. is probably outside our remit at present, since there have already been at least three versions (4 if you include Arkham Now) done; the one in Arkham Unveiled/HPL’s Arkham is relatively restrained I think. Someday, perhaps?

    Lastly, if you know of someone with professional experience in virology or infectious diseases (especially if they have John Tynes’ seal of approval), have them drop me a line. Ditto a piece about the assorted epidemics of the colonial period, should Colonial Cthulhu ever get released.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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