Submissions wanted for the Arkham Gazette #2


December 5, 2013 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

I want to announce that the Arkham Gazette is looking for submissions for our next issue (as well as future issues).  Our basic submission guidelines are HERE.

We had a poll on to help determine the topic for this next issue.  Our top vote-getting was “Witches and Witchcraft” but as the polling was very close, I’ve decided to go with a second option and also begin work on an “Innsmouth” issue.  What this means is that we’ll be working towards two issues in parallel.  Whatever issue gets more material come deadline time, will be the one to go forward… should both be short, we’ll combine; should both be filled, we’ll do both.

To help spur you on, I’ve come up with some article ideas (with the help of the Arkham Gazette’s Google+ group; join now!) for each issue.  Consider these to just be suggestions and not requirements.  If you have an idea for something else that fits the topic but is not mentioned here, please send it along.  You’ve probably thought of something better!

Ideally I would like to have our next issue ready by February 2; as of now, our submission deadline will be January 15.

Witches and Witchcraft:

  • Notable witches of Lovecraft Country – A summary of witches from the fiction and RPG sources; Keziah Mason, Goody Fowler, Sermon Bishop, etc.  Used to inspire the Keeper.
  • Articles about the Arkham Witch Cult, the Believers of Dunwich, and/or Kingsport’s cult.  Expand beyond the sourcebooks; think about what helps the Keeper use them and inspire them.
  • Tomes.  Real world books like “The Witch Cult in Western Europe” or “The History of Witchcraft and Demonology”; fictional books like “Of Evill Sorceries done in New-England of Daemons in no Humane Shape“.
  • Witch making and keeping – Tips for the Keeper as to how create witches for their game (background hooks, spells, creatures) and how to use them in play.
  • Familiars – What do historical occult sources say?  How do we interpret that via the Mythos?
  • Ghouls and witches – Building off “Pickman’s Model”; how do they relate?
  • The modern witch – Are there modern practitioners before Gardner?  Perhaps an NPC member of the Eye of Amara who has similar ideas?
  • Annotated list of witchcraft scenarios – How do we distinguish between “witches” and run of the mill cultists?  How others view them?  Some connection to historical witches?
  • A scenario – a necessity, but I’d like something more than just investigators versus a witch.  I would like something with depth



  • Keeping Fish(men) Fresh – Innsmouth’s big secret isn’t a surprise to a lot of players.  How do we keep Innsmouth interesting in light of this?  How do you use it in a campaign without spoiling it too quickly?
  • The Feegee Mermaid – A nifty historical footnote.  I’d love to see something about it and similar forgeries, perhaps with some tie into Innsmouth.
  • Prop documents about Deep One encounters  – Something investigators might find when they begin to dig into Innsmouth’s secrets.  Perhaps a Colonial diary about an odd sighting near Plum Island, or a letter from a Civil War era draft board member?
  • Waite, Waite don’t Spell Me – What is the roll of the Waite Family (Ephraim and Asenath) in Innsmouth?
  • Innsmouth Gold – There was an interesting discussion about this recently on YSDC.  What can investigators learn by examining sample of Innsmouth gold?
  • Secrets of the Sumatra Queen – What is the influence of Polynesian culture on Innsmouth and the Esoteric Order of Dagon?
  • The ‘Door’ is Najjar – Who is Ravana Najjar and why (how?) does he join the Raid on Innsmouth?
  • Annotated list of Innsmouth and Deep One scenarios – Since they are so intimately related in Lovecraft Country scenarios, I figure we can kill two fish with one stone.
  • As for a scenario, I’d like to see something more than just ‘shoot the fish men’.  Look to scenarios like “The Hopeful” or “Freak Show” as inspiration.  Alternatively, what about a scenario set after the Raid?  Go nuts.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.  Even if your idea don’t quite fit into either topics, consider making a submission anyway.  We will find a way to use it! Please send questions, queries, and submissions to

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