Status Report, The Arkham Gazette #2

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January 4, 2014 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

Our due date for the next issue of the Gazette is fast approaching and I’ve been incommunicado for too long. Other projects have kept me busy, gaming and otherwise, so please forgive my lack of updates.

The news regarding our next issue is mixed. I’ve had a number of items promised- and a few submitted- but so far I’m well short of enough material for either Innsmouth or Witchcraft. If more doesn’t materialize soon I will have to push back our release date. Not the end if the world certainly, but mildly disappointing. I would really like the Gazette to be more than a solo vanity project so I will endeavor not to fill it all myself.

We did get a much appreciate shout-out on the latest episode of the Miskatonic University podcast, so perhaps that will help.

If you have something in the works or in mind, drop me a line.

In other news, a few Christmas presents have arrived recently- a guide to the railroads of southern New England and a chapbook about Colonial witchcraft. I look forward to some interesting reading!

Lets hope my next update is more timely.

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