Nearly there! The penultimate update?

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April 29, 2014 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

I’ve just put the finishing touches on the last article for the next issue of the Gazette, leaving only to finish the scenario (not a tiny task, but only a few thousand more words rather than several distinct pieces, each requiring research) some tweaks to the scenario list, and the introduction. I’m hoping to have the next issue out by the weekend, if not sooner. The issue is now about 27k words long, and looks to be about 30k

I’ve been interviewed by some of the staff at the Miskatonic University Podcast about the next issue, which they previewed and (I’m happy to report) greatly enjoyed. It’s always nice to chat with the lads from MUP and I suspect the episode will be ready about the same time the Innsmouth issue comes out. I’ll keep you posted.

If you want to get a jump on the next issue, submissions for issue #3: Witches and Witchcraft (of Lovecraft Country), be my guest. We’ve got about 5k in submissions so far (not counting a scenario!) so I hope that #3 won’t take as long as this issue.

Finally, I’ve been asked about our readership and am happy to share the current numbers. According to wordpress, we’ve had 728 downloads of issue #0 and 658 for issue #1 as of 4/29 (@5 pm EST). Pretty good for a free zine about Lovecraft Country 🙂 Let’s see how long it takes to his 700 for issue #2…

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