October-ganza 8: The Graveyard Rats

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October 8, 2014 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

March 1936 issue. Stay classy, Weird Tales.

Whilst researching Cthulhu Mythos fiction relating to the Salem witch trials, I came across a short story by Henry Kuttner – “The Graveyard Rats”. First published in Weird Tales in March of 1936, the story is now in the public domain and, as far as I could tell, never been directly covered in any Call of Cthulhu RPG material. I debated including it in the upcoming issue of the Arkham Gazette, but decided it wasn’t a close enough fit to the subject of Witches and Witchcraft (about more I shall post later today – excellent progress to report).

Here then, for day 8 of our October-ganza is the text of “The Graveyard Rats”, formatted a mite more clearly than the raw text at Additionally I have included a short note about Salem’s graveyards as they relate (or do not relate) to the story as well as the description of the… well, why don’t you read the story first? (A special thanks to CG for his proof-reading and feedback on the new text.)


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