Call for Submissions: the Arkham Gazette #4 (and beyond)

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July 10, 2015 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

SHP_logoNow that our Kickstarter backers have received at least a rough version of issue #3 (with great appreciation for their patience!), I think it is time start working on future issues of the Arkham Gazette. (Those curious about issue #3 should listen to my interview with the Miskatonic University Podcast; watch this blog for the issue’s official release)

After polling our Kickstarter backers regarding the topics for future issues, we discovered that while there was no general consensus as to the topic for the next issue, there were a few topics that attracted more attention than others.  Here then is a list of ideas generated by our Kickstarter backers and other supporters (as well as from dream sendings from the lands beyond the Seventy Steps and the Chamber of Flame); just because something does not appear hear DOES NOT mean we are not interested!  These are suggestions only; should we have a great set of articles unrelated to these topics, we will happily publish a potpourri issue happily.  (Links are for reference purposes only).

Kingsport – Haunted City on a Dreaming Sea

  • The Artist Colony
  • Fishermen, Fishing, and the Fishing Industry
  • The Graveyards of Kingsport
  • The Kingsport Cult
  • Kingsport Head
  • Lovecraft in Marblehead
  • The Terrible Old Man: Behind the Bottles
  • Tome: The Outer Ones
  • Tome: Studies of the Indians of the Miskatonic Valley

Dunwich and the Hyperboreans – a Village of Dark Secrets and the Men before Mankind

  • The Believers
  • Caves of New England
  • Curious New England: The Moodus Noises
  • Documentary Evidence: Newspaper reports on the Dunwich Horror
  • A History of Pseudo Archaeology in New England (from Carl Rafn to ‘The Ruins of Great Ireland’)
  • Hyperborean Ruins in Lovecraft Country
  • The Hyberboreans, their magic, religions, culture, and technology
  • New England’s Megaliths and Stone Chambers
  • Tome: The Krannorian Annals
  • Tome: The Sermons of Abijah Hoadley
  • Useful Real-world NPCs: Clay Perry & William Goodwin

Cops, Crooks, Con-Men, and G-Men – Law and Order (and its discontents) in Lovecraft Country

  • Bootleggers and Rum Runners
  • The Essex County Sheriff
  • The G-Men: Prohibition Agents and the Bureau of Investigations
  • Massachusetts’ Jails and Prisons
  • The Massachusetts State Police
  • Notable Crimes of the 1920s in New England
  • Organized Crime in Arkham and Beyond
  • The Ponzi Scheme – An Overview
  • The Watch and Ward Society: Boston’s Morality Police

Send all submissions to –

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