October-ganza 3, day 3: ‘Nantucket Island: Home of the Ocean Breezes…’


October 3, 2016 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

nantucket-island-coverAs part of my work on developing Namacknowatt Island (my small addition to Lovecraft Country, off the coast of Kingsport, about which I hope to have more news later), I’ve been doing a lot of reading about real-life islands off of New England, especially places like Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket.

A while back I came across a tourist brochure entitled Nantucket Island: Home of the Ocean Breezes, 30 Miles at Sea, which provided an interesting overview of that island in the early 20th century (I’ve tentatively dated the pamphlet to 1919).  I shared it with Sentinel Hill Press’s Patreon backers this spring and now, for our third day of our October-ganza, thought I’d share it with the wider world.

The short pamphlet (24 pages) offers a history of the island (since Europeans arrived at least), a survey of tourist attractions such as the Mitchell observatory, the island’s artist colony, “water bathing” (aka going to the beach), walks and motor tours, and, conveniently, a long list of available hotels.  Combined with a period map (like this one) you have the start of setting for a classic-era scenario.

Here then is Nantucket Island: Home of the Ocean Breezes, 30 Miles at Sea.

One thought on “October-ganza 3, day 3: ‘Nantucket Island: Home of the Ocean Breezes…’

  1. William Kunkle says:

    Excellent bit of history. There seem to be quite a number of opportunities for adventure with the proper lead in.

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