“For the Love of…”: a Lovecraft Country scenario for ransom

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July 19, 2017 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

23514Recently the gang at the Miskatonic University Podcast have announced a small fundraiser to help defray their expenses for attending Necronomicon 2017 (and to regrettably confirm, I shan’t be attending this year due to various family commitments).  Setting a goal of $750, they’ve offered to “ransom” a scenario by Jon Hook (aka Keeper Jon, author of many of the “Age of Cthulhu” scenarios for Goodman Games as well as the Lovecraft Country scenario “Darknes Illuminated” in The Island of Ignorance).

While the post announcing the ransom didn’t mention it, the short audio promo noted that the scenario is set in Arkham!  Always interested in new Lovecraft Country scenarios, I wrote Jon to get some additional details.  Here’s his reply, reposted with his permission (and lightly edited for concision):

Yeah, the scenario is titled “For the Love of…”. It is a traditional 1920s Arkham mystery.
[I]t is suggested that the investigators all be members of the Miskatonic Area Paranormal Society (aka MAPS), which is something Keeper Dan created years ago for his maps_investigation_inheritorhome games to solve the problem of why the athlete, detective, and hobo are all investigating a mystery together.
The scenario opens with the investigators being called in as special consultants to help the Arkham cops with a really weird murder of a socialite. I tried to pack the scenario with lots of clues, with several paths of investigation. Some of the paths lead to the same or similar conclusions, so it’s not required that the investigators nail down each and every clue. But, they’re there for the really diligent investigators.
While Jon will not be attending Necronomicon this year, he’s hoping there’s enough interest in the scenario to hit their goal and make sure Keepers Chad, Dan, and Murf won’t have to resortRoom service to busking to pay for meals.  To help things out, Golden Goblin Press’ head goblin Oscar Rios has offered to run an online game of Cthulhu Invictus for either a $100 pledge (for a previously run convention Invictus game) or, for the big spenders, a $250 pledge to play a never-before-run Invictus scenario and get a preview of a part of the in-development Cthulhu Invictus sourcebook.  Jon too is offering some online Keepering, offering for just $50 your choice of one of four (possibly five) scenarios for you and three friends.
The campaign will stay open until the funds are raised – they’ve about $300 away from their goal currently.  I am hopeful they’ll reach their $750 target, not just for the chance of a new free Lovecraft Country scenario but to keep the MUP Keepers from skulking the halls of the Biltmore, scrounging left-over from discarded room service trays.
Take a look at the MUP ransom fundraiser page and check on the campaign’s progress and, hopefully soon, check out a new Lovecraft Country scenario.

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