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April 18, 2014 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

Things have been progressing well on the a Gazette. I’m still hopeful it will be ready by the end if the month. There are four things left to finish –
A) the article about the Feejee mermaid. That’s about 50% done and since it’s final length is around 1000 words that’s not too much to do there. Recently Chris Huth passed along several excellent illustrations to bolster the piece.
B) The article about Innsmouth Gold, in particular a discussion of its physical properties and speculation on who is exactly buying it. Is just saying it is New World Industries too corny?
C) The scenario(s). I’ve got one outlined and am starting to flesh it out and notes towards a second if need be. The later might work better as a scenario seed or encounter.
D) Wrap up the annotated list of Innsmouth scenarios. This means finishing my summary of “The Raid on Innsmouth”

I will also need to…
E) Write an introduction.
F) Proof read it.
G) Release it and promote it.

Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully we’ll be done by May 1.

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