Status Report II: Innsmouth Issue (and beyond)

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April 3, 2014 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

Just a quick update again.

6 of 12 articles are wholly finished and laid out. Of the remaining 6, our articles about Polynesian culture needs a final edit and I’d like to include more scenario hooks, the short piece on the ocean floor off Innsmouth requires a tweak or two, and the annotated scenario list needs me to finish a summary of the raid on Innsmouth.

More work is needed for the piece on the Feejee Mermaid which is about half finished. Likewise I’m struggling to appropriately summarize the Ponape Scripture for the write-up of that tome. It is otherwise finished but that’s a critical part of the piece so it needs to be done well.

Finally I’m working in parallel in two short scenarios – under 5k – to finish up the book. Depending on my inspiration I may finish either or both. One involves a Kingsport painter and the other Asenath Waite.

Currently this issue’s word count is a little over 18,000 and that is excluding either of the short scenarios (both of which are still hovering around 500 words, but are growing daily), so I anticipate a final length of around 25k give or take.

In other news, I’ve actually had another submission for our next planned issue on witchcraft in Lovecraft country, so that is slowly coming together.

The ultimate question is, when will issue 2 be ready?  My hope is by mid April, but pessimism says end of April.  Definitely before May 1.  Keep your tentacles crossed.

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