Submissions Wanted for the Arkham Gazette #3 (and beyond)

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May 17, 2014 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

Now that issue #2 has finally swum back to the submerged spires of Y’ha-nthlei, it is time to get back to work on issue #3!

When we ran a poll on back in November of 2013 to select future issue topics, our top vote getter was “Witches and Witchcraft”, but due to the limited (one, initially) submissions, I went with Innsmouth. For now, I’d like to stick with “Witches and Witchcraft” because A) it’s an important topic vis a vis Lovecraft Country B) we already have several very nice submissions that I’d like to share with the world – including a discussion of the very quotable Ibn Schacabao and an in-game history of Goody Fowler…

This is what turns up when I google “Arkham” and “Witch”. Can someone please tell Louise Brooks here that Mr. Lovecraft would appreciate if she’d put on a blouse?

We still need more submissions to make sure #3 is as well stocked as our previous issues. If you liked what you’ve read, please be a part of the the next issue! Here are some potential article ideas:

  • Notable witches of Lovecraft Country – A summary of witches from the fiction and RPG sources; Keziah Mason, Goody Fowler, Sermon Bishop, etc. How to use these existing figures in a scenario or a biography – anything a Keeper could use.
  • Articles about the Arkham Witch Cult, the Believers of Dunwich, and/or Kingsport’s cult. What evidence might they have left of their activities? What historical groups might they be connected to? How might they come into play in a Lovecraft Country campaign?
  • The Salem Witch-Trials and Beyond.  A succinct summary of the real history of witch trials in New England – it didn’t just happen in Salem! – would be wonderful. Ditto anything on Colonial folk magic or belief. Did you know there were practicing alchemists in Colonial New England?
  • Tomes. Real world books like “The Witch Cult in Western Europe” or “The History of Witchcraft and Demonology”; fictional books like “Of Evill Sorceries done in New-England of Daemons in no Humane Shape“. Invent your own!
  • Witch making and keeping – Tips for the Keeper as to how create witches for their game (background hooks, spells, creatures) and how to use them in play.
  • Familiars – What do historical occult sources say? How do we interpret that via the Mythos? Give our artists an excuse to draw Brown Jenkin!
  • Ghouls and witches – Building off “Pickman’s Model”; how do they relate? Do they get along at all?
  • The modern witch – Are there modern practitioners before Gardner? Perhaps an NPC member of the Eye of Amara who has similar ideas?
  • Annotated list of witchcraft scenarios – How do we distinguish between “witches” and run of the mill cultists? How others view them? Some connection to historical witches?
  • A scenario – a necessity, but I’d like something more than just investigators versus a witch. I would like something with depth. We have one scenario submitted so far, but I’m happy to make room for more.

Even if this topic does not inspire you, I’m happy to get submissions on any topic reasonably related to Lovecraft Country – there’s always issue #4! Even if you just have an idea, feel free to drop me a line and I’d be happy to help you develop it. While I can’t do the research for you, I’m happy to help you get started, to expand the text, and to edit it into shape. New authors are especially welcome. Please see our submission guidelines for more details.

As for the future of the Arkham Gazette – at some point I’d like to be able to A) pay our writers and artists and B) sell digital and print copies. I’m still in the process of securing the rights to do B so that I can start to do A. If, and when, that happens, I will definitely let you know (but only after our G+ group – join now!).

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