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June 4, 2014 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

Professor Angell, as befitted one of his authority and attainments, had had a prominent part in all the deliberations, and was one of the first to be approached by the several outsiders who took advantage of the convocation to offer questions for correct answering and problems for expert solution.A scholar examines a curious idol (from the HPLHS's 'Call of Cthulhu' film)

It has nearly been a month since issue #2 of the Arkham Gazette unleashed upon the world, to a very positive response, and I have started to work on some articles for #3. While I do greatly enjoy the writing and research involved, I wanted to gently remind readers that the best way to see the next issue is to submit to the Gazette.

I want the Arkham Gazette to be a resource for Keepers (and hopefully players). I believe that there are a lot of Keepers out there making use of Lovecraft Country and I want your voices to be as much a part of this project as my own.

What you can do to help:
Write something – I’ve posted a list of suggested topics for the next issue, but am happy to talk about anything you have written or might write that fits in the Arkham Gazette. We’ve had a theme for previous issues in part as a writing prompt for our authors – even if you have an idea that does not fit into the general theme of ‘Witches and Witchcraft’, I guarantee that it can find a home in some future issue (perhaps we can have the occasional ‘grab-bag’ issue?).

Draw something – Hopefully our readers noticed the marked improvement in the quality of the artwork in the latest issue. I was very fortunate to have four (!) very generous artists share their work in the Gazette and it really helped to make the latest issue by far the best looking. If not illustrations, why not a map or a well-made handout?

Suggest something – Even if you don’t have the time or don’t think you’ve the skill to write something or create something for the issue, you can always share ideas for articles and other materials here or at our G+ group, perhaps inspiring others to create something.

What I can do to help you:
I’m happy to provide advice, editorial help, proof-reading, reader feedback, bibliographical and research tips, a limited amount of actual research (I’m happy to help point you to sources, but can’t do it all for you), and general guidance. I may be able to provide scenario playtesting as well, if given enough time. Ideally I will also be able to provide a token payment, eventually.

Please considering submitting today! The less material I write for an issue means the more time I have to devote to editing and getting the next issue out to you. Every short piece helps.

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