Anybody want to write an article?


July 8, 2014 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

Things progress apace on the next issue of the Arkham Gazette.  I’ve been doing some research before I wholly dive into writing the pieces I’d like to contribute and we have a few actual submissions from other authors.  Here is how things stand so far-


Done (these articles will almost certainly be in the next issue):

  • A pseudo-historical in-world profile of Arkham’s second most famous witch
  • A biography of Ibn Schacabao
  • An scenario seed about an unusual magical artifact found in a home
  • A discussion of a real-world case how an urban legend about witches developed


What is currently being worked on, by me or others (possibly might see print):

  • A survey of New England’s witch trials
  • A summary of the witch trials in Arkham and Kingsport (and beyond)
  • A survey of the notable witches (historical and modern) of Lovecraft Country
  • Something about familiars (including the rat-things)
  • Tips of creating a witch NPCs
  • A discussion of Colonial folk magic
  • Something on the relationship between witches and ghouls


Ideas I’ve had for articles in need of an author (won’t see print unless someone writes them):

  • A write-up of “Of Evill Sorceries Done in New-England of Daemons in no Human Shape”
  • Alchemy in New England
  • A discussion of what colonial witches might call various Mythos beings
  • New Place – Witches’ Hollow (from the Derleth story of the same name)
  • New England folklore about witches

I’m hopeful I can recruit a few more authors for the next issue.  Why not join in?

(For additional discussion, join our G+ group.)


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