How to write like a “witch” – the Theban Alphabet

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August 23, 2014 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

And you thought cursive was a pain…

One of the many things I’ve learned of during my research for our next issue was ‘Theban alphabet‘ a supposed secret script used by occultists and adopted for use by modern-day witches.

While supposedly dating from ancient times, no examples of it can before dating before the 16th century.  This coupled with the fact that the letters match up perfectly with the letters of the Latin alphabet, suggests this is simply a modern substitution cipher.  Also – why would you use this as a period?!?  I fear how the ampersand or semicolon would appear…

There are several different free versions of this font – see here for a little more information, including links to the Theban fonts and to several other Renaissance-era magical pseudo languages.  While I don’t think Keziah Mason would have used it, there’s no reason why investigators couldn’t get cryptic invitations from the Eye of Amara written in this curious language…

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