Sentinel Hill Press-cast, Episode B: Issue #0 and other SHP news

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April 8, 2016 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

JN_MermaidSentinel Hill Press-cast Episode B: SHP Catch-up

After a too-long delay, I’ve released a new episode of the Sentinel Hill Press-cast!  (that’s the link to it right there)

Here is what we cover:

New England Folklore – New England’s Mermaids and Tritons:


Status of Sentinel Hill Press-cast #2?

Editing issues, overly ambitious history segment

Issue #0, the final revision

Should be available very shortly in public release.  Pay what you want; at print cost version in POD as well.  We’ve corrected the issue, added a new article (The Aylesbury Pike Phantom), added a pair of great illustrations by Galen Pejeau.

Issue #4

Call for submissions

Status of contents – Artist colony, pirates, the Willum Pugmire’s Kingsport stories, gibbeting in New England, the Cult of Tulzscha, Ibn Schacabao, and two short scenarios, possibly more

Marblehead resources on our blog – Joe Froggers, Marblehead folklore books

Kickstarter items

They continued to be worked upon.

  • Backer portraits slowly escaping into the wild – I’ve posted a sample rat-thing
  • Articles in issue #1 being revised, proof-read again, updated, etc. I’ve been asked to expand the location notes in the Annotated scenario list and I’m working my way through those scenarios.
  • Working on the add-on scenario “What Lies Between the Library Walls” currently.

Patreon news

We have a Patreon for SHP now, with 10 backers so far – special thanks to Adam Alexander and Chitin Proctor for backing at the insanely generous $10 a month level.  I’m about to order the book, perhaps books, for April!  Our two $10 backers also got a peak at some notes from a non-gaming research project I am working on, inspired by my research for issue #3 of the Gazette…

Each month I post an audio report discussing the book or books I’ve selected, in part based on backer request, along with some show notes and other bits of timely SHP news.

So far I’ve read

  • The Horror Guide to Massachusetts
  • Handkerchief Moody: the Diary and the Man
  • The New Hampshire Book of the Dead
  • Stranger, Stop and Cast an Eye: A Guide to Gravestones & Gravestone Rubbings

Currently reading Marblehead: Myths, Legends & Lore

Derleth Country

A series on the SHP blog of articles discussing the stories of August Derleth set in Lovecraft country, starting with the so-called “collaborations” – I’ve covered “Wentworth’s Day”, “The Gable Window”, “The Shadow Out of Space”, “the Shuttered Room”, and “The Fisherman of Falcon Point” so far.  Up next is “Witches’ Hollow” from AG#3.  In each post I talk about the publication history of the story, summarize the story, discuss what elements if any appear in the LC book series and impact on the setting, offer my thoughts on the story, and highlight the purplest bit of Derleth’s prose.

I have some ideas for some other ‘series’ for the blog once Derleth Country wraps up, but suggestions are most welcome!

News from Elsewhere

Chaosium’s A Time to Harvest campaign for their Cult of Chaos Keepers – involves MU students in 1930.  One scenario a month for the next six months – the first episode was released last week.  Mike Mason has agreed to do a Q&A over email and I’ll post his answers when they are ready.  First Lovecraft Country campaign ever.

weird_tales_192312-2401The Genesis of Lovecraft Country:

The Picture in the House” was first published in The National Amateur, the magazine of the Amateur Press movement.  While the issue is dated July 1919, the issue was actually published in the summer of 1921 – the story itself was written in December of 1920.  It was more widely seen when it appeared in the January 1924 issue of Weird Tales.

The story is notable for being the first appearance in Lovecraft’s stories of both the Miskatonic River and the city of Arkham, though very few details about either are given.

The story’s titular house and its dreadful inhabitant appear in Return to Dunwich and inspired at least one scenario set in Lovecraft Country.  Regnum Congo, a real book, was first given gaming stats in Delta Green.

End show

How to get in touch with Sentinel Hill Press!

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  • G+ group – 200+ members now… should do something fun for that.
  • Facebook group… gotta find that password!
  • Twitter – SentinelHillPrs

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