October-ganza 3, day 12 – Call of Cthulhu Scenarios in New England II (CT, RI, & Western and Central MA)

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October 12, 2016 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)


  • Confessions of St. Augustine (Dead Leaves Fall {monograph}) – Set in the 1950s, a group of pre-generated ‘Classic Era’ investigators fight the Mythos and each other at a Connecticut retirement home.
  • The House on Stratford Lane (The Unspeakable Oath #3 and Out of the Vault) – A scientist makes a very unwise deal, allowing an alien race to turn his home into a locus of nightmare on an otherwise unassuming Connecticut street.
  • mansions_of_madness_282nd_edition29

    Location, location, location?

    Lonely Point Lighthouse (The Island of Ignorance) – Strange goings-on at a fictional lighthouse off of New London, Connecticut, lure investigators to the dangerous coastal spot and its occult horrors.

  • The Old Damned House (Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed.) – The Hazard family’s prized treasure, the Hazard Pearls, go missing, drawing investigators into that family’s particular brand of horror and, eventually, N’Kai.
  • 13 Black Candles (Dead Leaves Fall {monograph}) – An anachronistic version of Halloween in the late 18th century fictional town of Aylesbury, Connecticut, is the setting for this scenario’s unexplained disappearances.

Rhode Island

  • Dark Carnival (Curse of the Chthonians) – A very early, very deadly scenario is set in a small amusement park (since it is not actually a carnival) outside Providence, wherein investigators can accidentally be eaten by Nyogtha by simply getting on a ride.
  • The Case (Curse of Cthulhu) – Keith Herber’s compacted retelling of “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward“, likewise is set in and around Providence.
  • dw_34

    Back when gaming magazine were eclectic…

    The Crystal of Chaos (Different Worlds #34 and The House of R’lyeh) – Investigators probe the mysteries of the old Starry Wisdom Church in Providence; the original version in Different Worlds was expanded upon significantly in the revised version.

  • The Darkness Beneath the Hill (Doors to Darkness) – The fabled (and fictional) tunnels beneath College Hill in Providence is the setting for this introductory scenario by Christopher Smith Adair. Sometimes it is better not to turn over a rock and see what lies beneath…
  • Grave Secrets (Terrors from Beyond) – Brian Courtemanche’s fine scenario that make investigators wish they were dealing with just a New England-style vampire rather than the real terrors, supernatural and mundane, they actually face.
  • Midnight Harvest – The village of Five Lanterns, Rhode Island, is the setting for this modern-day Halloween-set scenario, with disappearances and lunatics aplenty.
  • Providence (Spawn of Azathoth) – The start of this (oft-overlooked) campaign has the investigators drawn into the mysteries of the Baxter family and includes a chance of trying to track down Lovecraft himself.


Western and Central

  • The new cover art is a definite improvement

    Cold Spot (Coming Full Circle) – The Apcotts, a family in the (fictional) small western Massachusetts town of North Ashfield, are plagued by strange, poltergeist-like activities in their home, which turns out to be something much worse than a simple ghost.

  • Crack’d and Crook’d Manse (Mansions of Madness) – The Fitzgerald mansion, outside the fictional Gamwell, Mass., is home to one of Call of Cthulhu’s most enduring scenarios…
  • Dead School (Plan 09 from Outer Space  {mono}) –  The investigators take the role of students at the exclusive Temple School, a private boy’s school in western Massachusetts.  Assigned detention for some misdeed, they become the only ones who might stop a murderous ritual jeopardizing the lives of them and all their classmates.
  • mula-halloween-horror

    It’s the Great Old One Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

    Eyes That Should Not See (Halloween Horror {mono}) – A modern=day scenario set mostly in the real town of Webster, Massachusetts, wherein a Mythos being (created by the author) is called up with noble purpose but, as is to be expected, malign ends.

  • Flesh Festival (Plan 09 from Outer Space  {mono}) – A French-Canadian circus offers more than the usual attractions, leaving a trail of deaths and disappearances in its wake.  Nominally set in anywhere in the interior of the state, there is little confining it to Massachusetts or even New England.
  • Full Circle (Coming Full Circle) – The events that began with “Cold Spot” reach their terrible climax, as the as the evil that escaped during that scenario returns to bring suffering into the Apcott family once again.
  • The Inheritance (Horror Stories from the Red Room {mono}) – The investigators attend the reading of Reginald Clarke’s will in (fictional) Standishfield, Massachusetts.  Their bequest turns out to involve cults and human sacrifice.
  • Kith and Kin (The Realm of Shadows) – A man’s wife and daughter go missing… for very good reason… in this scenario set in 1940 in western Massachusetts.  Discovering what drove her away reveals her husband is a monster of more than one variety.
  • realm_of_shadows

    Voyage to distant lands… very distant.

    Provender of the God (The Realm of Shadow) – (The Realm of Shadow) – Information gained in “Kith and Kin” (see below) leads the investigators to discover an inhuman menace operating out of a funeral home in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

  • Remains to Be Seen (Coming Full Circle) – North Ashfield, a small fictional western Massachusetts town suffers from a rash of unexplained murders and disappearances, caused by an ancient grave being disturbed.
  • Sun Spots – Set in the fictitious Red Valley, a resort area in Worcester County.  This scenario was written by Dave Sokolowski, originally intended to be part of the now-cancelled Miskatonic River Press scenario collection The Outer Gods.  A Kickstarter campaign concluded in October 2016 with a stated release date of Fall 2017.
  • The Whitewood Horror (Coming Full Circle) – A Miskatonic University student disappears in a tiny western Massachusetts town in a scenario version of the Hammer Horror film Horror Hotel aka The City of the Dead (1960).
  • Within You Without You (The Unspeakable Oath #1 and Out of the Vault) – A letter from an old colleague draws the investigators to the tiny hamlet of Solace, Massachusetts (fictional, said to be near the near the real Norwood).  There they learn that while a ritual may have happened in the past, the effects linger into the present day in equal measure.

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