Six Devilish Spots in New England

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April 7, 2017 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)


Please allow me to introduce myself

Since the days of the Puritans people have often claimed to see the signs of Devil all across New England – Cotton Mather, for example.  In some places Lucifer wasn’t just seen scampering about on his cloven hooves, instead leading his name to numerous spots across the region.  To cover every place named for the Devil in New England would require a book rather than a blog-post, but building off of a recent series of posts to the Sentinel Hill Press twitter account, I thought I would share one spot per New England state.

Peter Muise made a good start in surveying all of the bits of New England’s diabolic real estate in a pair of posts to his New England Folklore blog in 2013, covering the northern tier of states (ME, NH, VT) and then the southern (CT, MA, RI). He only included places named for the Devil/Satan and not Hobamock, the Native American divinity often linked to Satan by early colonial writers – so no Hockomock Swamp, for example.

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