Innsmouth and Deep One scenarios


January 20, 2017 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

escape_from_innsmouth2c_1st_editionAs part of the work I’m doing on the revised version of Arkham Gazette #2 (aka the Innsmouth issue) I am rereading every Lovecraft Country scenario set (at least partially) in Innsmouth and its environs and/or featuring Deep Ones, from the earliest days of Dagon magazine to, well, this issue of the Arkham Gazette.

This is all work towards an updated version of our annotated list of Innsmouth and Deep One scenarios to be included in the revised issue #2.  While I think I’ve caught all of them, I am quite aware I am not infallible.  Therefor, I wanted to share my list with the wider world and see if the collective CoC community can spot any omissions.

Here is my list of the scenarios I’ll need to go over:

  • “Bless the Beasts and Children” (Adventures in Arkham Country)
  • “The Crawford Inheritance” (Escape from Innsmouth, 2nd Ed)
  • “Dark Dreams of Innsmouth” (The Unbound Book #2)
  • “Dead Leaves Fall” (Dead Leaves Fall {monograph})
  • “Drawn from the Water” (Arkham Gazette #2)
  • “Escape from Innsmouth” (Escape from Innsmouth)
  • “Freak Show” (Tales of the Miskatonic Valley)
  • “The Hopeful” (More Adventures in Arkham Country)
  • “The Innsmouth Connection” (Before the Fall)
  • “Mary” (Before the Fall)
  • “No Room at Innsmouth” parts 1-3 (Dagon #1-#3)
  • “The Occulted Light” (Before the Fall)
  • “Old Acquaintance” (Before the Fall)
  • “The Raid on Innsmouth”, a mega-scenario in 6 parts (Escape from Innsmouth)

I might include these New England scenarios/articles that include Deep Ones as well, depending on space concerns and how useful I think they are:

  • The Brockford House – Call of Cthulhu Rulebook (Maine)
  • The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island (Maine)
  • The Lonely Point Lighthouse – Island of Ignorance (Connecticut)
  • The Walsh Family – Island of Ignorance (Massachusetts)
  • The Dollars of DagonUnspeakable Oath #19 (Massachusetts)


And most comprehensively… all the Deep One scenarios I can locate for Call of Cthulhu, plus useful items from related games:

North America
  • Arkham Case Files: Deep Morgue
  • Black Cod Island – Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity
  • By the Bay – Day of the Beast
  • Coming of Age – Unseen Masters
  • Lurker in the Crypt – Fatal Experiments
  • Secrets of New Orleans
  • Secrets of New York
  • Secrets of San Francisco
  • Spawn of the Deep – Blood Brothers (technically called ‘Gill Men in scenario)
  • The Starshrine – Lurking Fears
South America
  • The Watchers of Easter Island – Shadows of Yog-Sothoth
  • The Blandford Manor – The Whisperer #1
  • Devil’s Hole – In the Shadows
  • The Last of Joy – Minions
  • Mouthbreathers – Minions
  • The Secret of Marseilles – King of Chicago
  • Songs of Fantari – Fatal Experiments
  • Uisge Beatha – Shadows Over Scotland
  • Terror from the Skies
  • Thor’s Anvil – Nocturnem, Book 2: Hollow Winds
  • The Watchers of Walberswick – White Dwarf #50
  • The Yorkshire Horror – Cthulhu by Gaslight[2]
  • The Cairo Guidebook
  • Death in Luxor 
  • Secrets of Japan
  • Shanghai – Masks of Nyarlathotep
  • Destroying Paradise, Hawai’ian Style – Atomic Age Cthulhu
  • Grace Under Pressure
  • Project π – Worlds of Cthulhu #1
  • Delta Green


Other Lovecraftian Games
  • Heroes of the Sea (Achtung! Cthulhu)
  • Hideous Creatures: The Deep Ones (ToC)
  • Sisters of Sorrow (ToC)
  • “The Wreck” from Arkham Detective Tales (ToC)


Foreign Language publications
  • “Yacht, rafiot et liqueur d’algues” from CASUS BELLI #73

Let me know if I have missed anything in the comments below!


13 thoughts on “Innsmouth and Deep One scenarios

  1. Graham says:

    Here is my list of scenarios you might want to look at:

    Deep Trouble, Dan Snuffin, Challenge Magazine #54.
    The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island, Grenadier Models Inc.

  2. “Yacht, rafiot et liqueur d’algues” by Tristan Lhomme in CASUS BELLI #73 – January/February 1993

    and i’m sure many others that i don’t have time to look up from French RPG magazines.

    • Unfortunately my skills in Read (Other) language all hover between 5% and 0%, so unless some kind soul leads me to them (as you have done), I am blind to them. I have added this one to the list. Can you give a synopsis?


      • I’m actually reading through old French RPG mags for Cthulhu (and Star Wars) material, and trying to catalogue them by subject, places, monsters, etc… but this will take some time. I know you would like to know the material set in Arkham, Salem, etc… there’s a lot of stuff from the 80’s-90’s gaming magazines and i have a large collection of them (from USA, UK & France)

  3. Steve Wand says:

    We’ve already swapped emails about my own Deep-One scenario, but I’ll add the info here as this seems to be a valid place to share it. ‘Fenland Fog’ was published in Dagon Fanzine #7, and play tested by Carl Ford at the Reading (UK) Game Fair of 1985 (oh, such glory days). Set in the south Lincolnshire fenlands, it centres on a deep-one infected cult who wreak havoc among the isolated community there – until stopped by intrepid investigators, of course. All good clean fun.

  4. Oscar Rios says:

    You didn’t list the Cthulhu Invictus scenario Murmillo, from De Horrore Cosmico

  5. bwgustaf says:

    Acthung Cthulhu – War on the Pacific Front, goes into​ detail on what the Deep Ones are doing in the Pacific Theater of War.

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