Arkham Gazette #2 now available

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June 6, 2018 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

I wanted to make sure I made an official announcement on our site that a revamped and expanded version of Arkham Gazette #2, our Innsmouth issue, is now available, in print and in PDF on DriveThruRPG.  As we said there…


“Innsmouth? Well, it’s a queer kind of a town down at the mouth of the Manuxet. Used to be almost a city—quite a port before the War of 1812—but all gone to pieces in the last hundred years or so… And why is everybody so down on Innsmouth? Well, young fellow, you mustn’t take too much stock in what people around here say… Some of the stories would make you laugh—about old Captain Marsh driving bargains with the devil and bringing imps out of hell to live in Innsmouth…”

Welcome to Innsmouth!  Rumors have long swirled around the place, ever since a plague is said to have carried off so many of the town’s residents in the 1840s.  Fallen into disrepair and decay, most locals shun the town and its unwholesome-looking inhabitant.  We’ve elected to brave Joe Sargents’ bus and dive deep into the mysteries and dangerous secrets that, dare we say, cast a shadow over the place.

This issue includes the following eighteen articles:

  • Shadows of Polynesia: Obed Marsh and his crew brought many things back from that island east of Tahiti…
  • Locations in Greater Innsmouth: Three new locations for Innsmouth.
  • The Wreck of the Elizabeth Wright: A new location outside of Innsmouth with connection to the town.
  • Innsmouth’s Burying Grounds: A deep examination of the many cemeteries in and near Innsmouth.
  • On the name “Dagon”: Where did this name come from?  Why did Obed Marsh use it?  What does that imply?
  • “The marine abyss beyond Devil Reef”: Bathography versus Lovecraft!
  • Edward Morse: A real-world scholar who might be of interest to your investigators.
  • The Isle of Shoals and Other Innsmouth Inspiration: Real-world places that have some parallel to Innsmouth – the Isles of Shoals, Matinicus Island and the Malaga Island community.
  • The Sacred Cod: Why is there a carved fish idol in the Massachusetts State House?
  • The Hymnal of the Esoteric Order of Dagon: A new tome extolling the greatest of Innsmouth’s new faith.
  • The Ponape Scripture: An in-depth exploration of this tome of occult oceanic lore created by Lin Carter.
  • The Feejee Mermaid: P.T. Barnum’s dubious mummified “mermaid”; real-world history and occult (and Mythos) options.
  • Innsmouth Curios: 8 Weird artifacts investigators can discover.
  • Innsmouth Gold: All about Innsmouth’s most notable export.
  • Cancelled Innsmouth Books: A discussion of two cancelled books Chaosium was once planning related to Innsmouth – the Innsmouth Horror and Children of the Deep.
  • A Guide to Newburyport: An extended description of the town that inspired Innsmouth and how you can use it in your Lovecraft Country games.
  • “Drawn from the Water”: A Kingsport artist has gone missing and the investigators must follow his trail.  Dark secrets lurk in the waters just off shore…
  • Annotated list of Innsmouth scenarios: Notes for the Keeper on all 14 of the Innsmouth-connected scenarios that we can locate in Lovecraft Country as well as a list of every Deep One scenario we can find.

After a long (long long) wait, all issues of the Arkham Gazette are available for sale.

We’ve got Arkham Gazette #4 well-along the way towards completion, with about 60 pages of articles already completed, and over 20 articles at some point of development.  I suspect that issue will be just as long as issues #2 & #3.  Look for it, hopefully, late this summer.

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