Cryptober Day 1 – Bigfoot(s)

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October 2, 2020 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

October is here once more and, as we have done in several past years (some more successfully that others), we are offering up a themed series of daily posts for the month (or most of the month; we started a day late so we could promote our newest release… and to only have to fill 30 slots). This year we have turned our gaze towards the many unusual, sometimes legendary, creatures seen in New England but otherwise unknown to science – the cryptid!

Each day we will look at one particular mystery creature, rotating as best we can through the six New England states. Before we dive in, I wanted to provide our general criteria for which cryptids to include. First off, I wanted to focus on physical entities- physical beings rather than ghosts or purely magical creatures. I also wanted to avoid using some “cryptids” that are mostly misappropriated Native American legends that, in recent years have been sucked into the ever-hungry maw of pop-mythology; so no Puckwudgies or Hobomock “encounters”. Lastly, I while I have attempted to offer up an equal number of cryptids form each state, some states are not offering up a lot of options – I am looking at you Rhode Island.

(I’ve generally tried to group them into a weekly theme, but that is more of an ideal than a concrete plan.)

Today I will be looking for (but most assuredly not finding) that one cryptid that has allegedly been see across all of New England – bigfoot.

No, not the 1990s novelty pizza.

No,not a 1990s novelty pizza!
Not him either
Ding ding ding!

Bigfoot (or is that bigfeet?) have been spotted in every state in New England:

That is a lot of bigfoots… feet… whatever. I think bigfoot has been pretty well covered in all kinds of media, so I don’t think a lot more needs to be said. Tomorrow we shall explore a rather different humanoid spotted in the woods of Connecticut…

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