Miskatonic County, a buyer’s guide (pt. 5)

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December 20, 2020 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

(Sorry this last post took so long; holiday preparations and a lost draft kept me otherwise occupied.)

Downloads and Handouts

Our final discussion of Miskatonic Country materials will focus on those items that are not scenarios per se but I think are of use – sometimes great use – to Keepers running scenarios set in the region.

Print copy with reference book.
  • Dateline Lovecraft – We are referring here not the the scenarios from this series but rather the mind-blowingly-detailed 12 page long prop version of the Arkham Advertiser (from October of 1928) designed for use with those scenarios. The PDF version of the newspaper is available from DriveThru for just $9.99; the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society was selling print copies for $35.00 – the fact that a link remains for the items suggests they may some day be in stock again. The prop newspaper also comes with a 58 resource book to help you find particular articles and use included articles as hooks for your own scenarios as well as a campaign frame and a sample scenario (which I’ll have to update part 4 to include. Ooops!) Blow your players minds when you hand them this at the table… optimally when they have some time to read it and bask in the wonder of it.
  • The Herber Arkham-o-pedia: A companion piece, literally, to the creation of Dateline Lovecraft. This is a 43 page index to every person, business, address, and telephone number which appeared in any of the original “Lovecraft Country” releases (including Arkham Unveiled and several scenarios featuring Arkham from that era). It is really an invaluable resource for Keepers running an Arkham game or in fully integrating your own inventions into Doc Herber’s magnum opus. Did I mention it was free?
So many handouts…

In addition to these items, I wanted to conclude with a few publications that are not explicitly for use in Miskatonic Country but are resources I rely upon as a Keeper more generally

Death by “misadventure”
  • Lovecraft’s fiction – Need inspiration? Descriptive flair? Added details for your own inventions? Start with the well-spring of Mythos horror (all free online)
  • The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia by Dan Harms (2008) – The perfect resource for every Keeper. Entries not only define their topics and explain how it is connected to other elements of the Mythos, but they trace the development of Mythos subjects and how authors have differed. Flip through a copy and feel the inspiration.
  • Ex Libris Miskatonici – The late Joan Stanley’s classic faux-guide to the Restricted collection at Miskatonic. Great for adding some depth to several of the potent Mythos tomes held there, so you can build a worthy sense of dread about these tomes and their contents. Footnotes also offer a fun supplemental reading list. Back in print after almost two-decades.
  • Approaching 20 years old, is THE place for Lovecraftian explorations. Log-in and join today and tap into decades of Keeper experience, scholarship, excellence, and Parma Kippers.

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