Miskatonic Country: A buyers guide (pt. 3)


December 5, 2020 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

Other Scenarios

In addition to the all-Miskatonic Country scenario collections we profiled yesterday, Keepers can find scenarios scattered through a number of other book. We’ll break them down by publisher; costs listed are what I currently find online no including any current discounts – sales are frequent and one can find these books so caveat emptor. I am only listing ones specifically set in the “classic” era; there are a number of ones set in the “modern” day but my focus here is the traditional Miskatonic Country setting and most author’s interpretations of Arkham etc. differ enough to make contemporary scenarios somewhat more complicated to run.


  • Alone Against the Dark ($14.95 print / $6.95 pdf) – a solo scenario
  • Blackwater Creek ($29.94 print / $14.95 pdf) – One of two scenarios with the 7th Ed. Keeper’s Screen (with “Missed Dues” below).
  • Canis Mysterium ($5.47 pdf ) – Canis Mysterium
  • Crimson Letters ($54.95 / $27.95 pdf) – Call of Cthulhu Keeper’s Rulebook
  • Dead Leaves Fall ($10.97 pdf) – Dead Leaves Fall [MULA]; also includes “Fear in a Bottle”
  • Dead Light ($14.99 print / $6.99 pdf) – Dead Light and Other Dark Turns
  • The Dig ($10.95 pdf) – Terrors from Beyond
  • The Edge of Darkness ($24.99 print / $9.99 pdf) – Call of Cthulhu Starter Set
  • Fear in a Bottle ($10.97 pdf) – Dead Leaves Fall [MULA]; also includes “Dead Leaves Fall”
  • Halloween Nuit ($7.97 pdf) – Plan 09 from Halloween [MULA]
  • His Pleasant Dream Was Shattered ($9.97 pdf) – Horror Stories from the Red Room [MULA]
  • Hope ($9.50 pdf) – Halloween Horror Returns [MULA]
  • The Little People ($7.95 pdf) – The 5th Edition Keeper’s Kit
  • Missed Dues ($29.94 print / $14.95 pdf) – One of two scenarios with the 7th Ed. Keeper’s Screen (with “Blackwater Creek” above).
  • A Resection of Time ($6.50 pdf) – A “modern day” scenario, includes one section where investigators visit Miskatonic University (written by Sam Johnson, who also wrote the 2003 Miskatonic University Guidebook)
  • Season of the Witch ($18.95 pdf) – H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands
  • Senior Project ($12.97 pdf) – Ramblings of a Twisted Muse [MULA]
  • Servants of the Lake ($34.95 print / $17.48 pdf) – Doors to Darkness; also contains “The Ties That Bind”
  • The Thing at the Threshold parts 1&2 ($6.95 pdf) – The Thing at the Threshold
  • The Ties That Bind ($34.95 print / $17.48 pdf) – Doors to Darkness; also contains “Servants of the Lake”

Miskatonic Repository

Golden Goblin Press

Arkham Gazette

(Issues of the Arkham Gazette contain many additional articles about Miskatonic Country; we will talk more about our beloved journal in our final installment of this series.)

Other Sources

  • Challenge Magazine – Deep Trouble (#54, $4.00 pdf), From the Trenches (#63, $4.00 pdf), Ghost Writer (#58, $4.00 pdf), The Horror Out of Partridgeville (#46, $4.00 pdf)
  • Sixtystone Press – Diggin’ Up the World ($0.50)
  • White Wolf Magazine – The Key and the Gate (#23, $2.95)

Tomorrow we will conclude our discussion with other Miskatonic Country products not regularly released as well as other resources.

One thought on “Miskatonic Country: A buyers guide (pt. 3)

  1. Graham says:

    Just thought I’d leave a comment here regarding the Challenge magazine scenarios. If someone has to buy just one of those, pick ‘From The Trenches’, it’s a great start point for a campaign.

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