October-ganza 3, Day 10: The Autopsy of Walter Gilman

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October 10, 2016 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

When the doctor arrived and began to pull down those frightful covers Walter Gilman was dead.. It would be barbarous to do more than suggest what had killed Gilman. 

– The Dreams in the Witch House

When we launched our Kickstarter for issue #3 of the Arkham Gazette nearly two years ago(!), we offered a stretch goal at $2500 – the autopsy of Walter Gilman, the doomed victim of the witch Keziah Mason and her familiar Brown Jenkin, from “The Dreams in the Witch House”. 

This pseudo-document was written by noted Delta Green prop document author Graeme Price and prepared by handouts wizard Dean Engelhardt.

Since then, only Kickstarter backers and buyers of Arkham Gazette #3 have the… pleasure… of looking at this unnerving report from the Essex County medical examiner’s office. Today, as part of October-ganza 2016, we are making it a public release.  Enjoy!

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