Miskatonic Country: A buyer’s guide (pt. 2)

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December 3, 2020 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

In our previous installment we covered which ‘core’ books are available currently for sale. Today we turn to scenario collections focused on Miskatonic Country.

Tales of the Miskatonic Valley

One of my favorite scenario collections, it contains scenarios from many of my favorite Chaosium authors working in this period. The scenarios within are:

  • Freak Show
  • Regiment of Dread
  • A Painted Smile
  • Watcher in the Valley
  • Fade to Grey
  • Trail of Yig

The scenarios within are primarily set in Arkham, with some side trips to Kingsport and Dunwich (and one with a very clear Innsmouth connection that could draw investigators there).

New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley

Upon his return to Call of Cthulhu in the early 2000s, Keith Herber’s Miskatonic River Press’ first book was a collection of 6 scenarios set in Miskatonic Country. While that original book is out of print, the rights to it (and several other Miskatonic River Press books) were purchased by Stygian Fox. Their updated version of the collection (which won an ENnie in 20202) includes an additional scenario and is currently available on PDF. A print version is anticipated soon. The current version contains the following scenarios:

  • The Reeling Midnight
  • Wasted Youth
  • The Spirit of Industry
  • Proof of Life
  • Malice Everlasting
  • The Night War
  • A Mother’s Love

These seven scenarios visit all four ‘core’ Miskatonic Country locations as well as Foxfield, a village invented by Lovecraft for a never-written story (and only discovered in 1995 when a map of the place with his notes was found among his papers at the John Hay library in Providence…. which sounds like the start of one of his stories, honestly.)

The Eldritch New England Holiday Collection

I am cheating a wee bit to include this one, but considering it’s public release is imminent, I felt excluding it would be unfair. This is a collection of four loosely connected scenarios, one for each ‘core’ town, written by Oscar Rios and involving a sextet of adolescent cousins who get up to some remarkable adventures whenever their extended family gather for the holidays. These scenarios could be adapted for use with regular adult investigators, though a degree of reworking (some so more than others) would be required. The scenarios are:

  • Halloween in Dunwich
  • Christmas in Kingsport
  • Easter in Arkham
  • Innsmouth Independence Day

(The link above is currently to the Kickstarter but I will replace it with the product’s page once it is release.)

Coming up tomorrow – uncollected scenarios in various books and helpful materials.

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