Other Lovecraft Country systems; Lovecraft Country news from GenCon

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September 24, 2014 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

While work continues on the next issue, I wanted to put out an open invitation to anyone who wanted to submit stats and other system-specific material for non-Call of Cthulhu game systems (Trail of Cthulhu for example) for our previous issues. I would be happy to include them here on the Sentinel Hill Press blog as PDF downloads. Can you convert “The Bosworth House” to Boot Hill or maybe Ars Magica 😉 ?

In other news, in the latest episode of the Miskatonic University podcast, special guest Mike Mason, Call of Cthulhu line editor for Chaosium, said that they are looking to reprint and possibly update the Lovecraft Country book series. One part of this will be, at some point, releasing the long-lost Miskatonic River Press project The Forgotten Corners of Lovecraft Country, the sourcebook for Aylesbury and Dean’s Corners. (At the Chaosium panel Mike also said Brian Sammons is working on the Arkham book, suggesting that it will be the first of the series.) More details here as I learn them.

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