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December 13, 2018 by Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)


I’ve been hoping to get issue #4 of the Arkham Gazette before the end of the year and while it will be close, I won’t let optimism override my common sense.  Nevertheless, I wanted to share an update about the status of the issue.  The big news (which I previewed to our issue #3 Kickstarter backers back on Halloween) is that we’re splitting the issue!  Both halves will cover Kingsport, but will loosely focus on a different ‘side’ of the city.  Issue #4 will be “Kingsport: Dreams”.  (And to be clear these issues and all future issues of the Gazette will be written for 7th edition CoC rules.)  Here’s the current (but not still guaranteed) table of contents:

  • Locations in Greater Kingsport – a guide to new and useful locations from Kingsport scenarios and more
  • Hooper’s Pond and the Old Brick Powder-house – Geoff Gander profiles two odd locations west of Kingsport
  • The Hall School – Geoff Gander takes a look at Kingport’s private girls’ school, its faculty, and its secrets.
  • The Cape Verdeans of Kingsport – A profile of Kingsport’s small community of Cape Verde islanders
  • 100 Items from Hazlitt’s – Charles Gerard, Chris Huth, and I invented 100 oddities from the shelves of Kingsport’s only curiosity ‘shop’, plus a profile of Neal himself
  • Kingsport Curios – Our series exploring strange artifacts continues; with submissions by Bret Kramer, Geoff Gander, Danial Shariat, Ben Wenham
  • The Ghosts of Kingsport – a prop document discussing all of the misty town’s supposed hauntings and haunted places.
  • Alton Blackington – A ‘new person’ article profiling a (real world) folklorist and photographer; by Steven Wand.
  • Franklin Waite Price – Another ‘new person’ piece, this time a fictional folk-artist; by Christopher Smith Adair.
  • The Outer Ones – A discussion of this occult tome all about the court of Azathoth.
  • Dr. Goddard’s Rocket Test – Science is on the march in Kingsport; in this “scene”, investigators can involve themselves in a test of Dr. Goddard’s newest rocket.
  • Bones of Contention – A short Call of Cthulhu scenario by Kingsport: City in the Mists author Kevin Ross!  Previously only available to our Kickstarter backers, this new version is updated to 7th edition Call of Cthulhu rules, with new original illustrations.

Illustrators for this issue include Sam Beck, Chris Huth, and Galen Pejeau.  Expected page count is will be north of 80 pages; most off the articles are done and most have completed art, but there is still a little writing (and a bit more drawing) to go

As for issue #5, I don’t want to discuss the contents quite yet – it is not quite as far along as issue 4 – but we’ve got lined up 12 articles, including a new scenario by Christopher Smith Adair.  For now I will just preview the cover:


4 thoughts on “Arkham Gazette 4 news

  1. modoc31 says:

    Reblogged this on Rolling Boxcars and commented:
    This is fantastic news! The Arkham Gazette is one of my favorite Call of Cthulhu periodicals. I have never been let down any of the previous issues and I have the same high hopes and expectations about the forthcoming issue as well.

    ~ Modoc

  2. Perry Tatman says:

    Are we able to pre-order #4 & #5?

  3. Perry Tatman says:

    Any news?

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